The Fitzpatrick Learning Academy is an independent company taking steps into the future with the launch of a new state of the art skills facility and a new programme of world class CPD.

Passionate in our mission to share world class veterinary knowledge and hands on expertise, the company will offer unique, bespoke courses such as the Surgical Reboot as well as weekend retreats for those busy first opinion veterinary practitioners unable to get away for vital refresher CPD during the weekdays.

Upcoming Courses

January 19 2017

Digestive and Head & Neck Surgery

This course will give you an insight into digestive system surgery and surgery of the head & neck. You will be able to enhance your skills & knowledge with the latest on surgeries such as gastropexy, TECA and brachycephalic syndrome.

February 16 2017

Managing Tumours of the Head & Neck

This course is a clinically relevant for managing head & neck tumours. You will be exposed to a range of head & neck surgeries including thyroid/parathyroid surgery and lymph node removal of the head and neck.

March 16 2017

Urinary & Abdominal Surgery

This course provides an insight into urinary surgery along with more advanced abdominal procedures. You will learn about surgery of the kidneys, bladder and urethra as well as liver, pancreas and adrenal surgery complete with biopsies and the basics of portosystemic shunts.

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Surgical Skills Lab

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About the Teaching Centre

The Teaching Centre

We work primarily from the new purpose-designed Fitzpatrick Learning Academy Teaching Centre in Guildford, Surrey where we maintain a dedicated, fully-equipped skills lab.
The permanence of learning is important to us so we use a variety of different methods to deliver our courses including hands-on, participatory classroom teaching and video interaction.

Our State-of-the-art FLA skills lab

FLA will have its own custom built, dedicated Skills Lab comprising the latest equipment and materials from high level partners, Eickemeyer, Storz and Ethicon.

FLA will also benefit from the world class specialist expertise on site which will be unparalleled.